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The HZ brand was founded by a creative, young, bulgarian designer - Hristina Stoykova - in 2012. This is a brand that is not only rich in ideas and techniques, but also world-famous for its IZONIT workmanship. First recognized for its exquisite works of art, the UniqueHZ family has established a strong aesthetic and reputation during its 8 years in business.

Hristina's love for fashion, and especially for handbags, began at a very young age. Although she grew up in Bulgaria, she was not unfamiliar with the fast-paced world of fashion, which took place all over the world. She decided to pursue the industry of her dreams and has already created two expositions. She has a degree in engineering and fashion design. Working full-time and combining her two passions, family and fashion, was nothing like a dream.

What is IZONIT?

The specific way of making is at the roots of the brand. Hristina Stoykova is one of the designers from the 21st century, who turns old, almost unknown technique IZONIT into unique works of art, bags, accessories and many others in the future.

The technique has been used since the 16th century, when math teachers used it to facilitate children's learning.
Each shape obtained is the result of a mathematical scheme followed by hand sewing on cardboard with a needle (not machine and without nails). Each line of the resulting shape is stretched entirely by hand.

All forms exist in some way in nature and in the world around us: the arrangement of planets and stars in the galaxy, mathematical and physical theorems, the golden section, and much more. leave the performance of the technique to the brand and enjoy the magic that is obtained.

Example: If there are 200 sewing holes in one scheme, two threads come out of each hole in different directions - these are 400 lines. then multiply them by 6 (or more) rows of different shades to get visual magic - these are 2400 lines stretched by hand, in just one work of art. IMAGINE THAT!

In the end, HZ introduced the users the Bulgarian tricolor and that became an emblematic part of the brand's design, creating a whole collection of bags and accessories.

The collections are available at: , in our facebook page: and Etsy store: . You can browse the collections now and order the styles that interest you and customized it.